​Applying data

If you wish to apply for data from the Norwegian Patient Registry, you must complete an electronic application form on Altinn.

1. Read the guidelines on applying for data

The guidelines for obtaining data provide guidance and information to researchers and others who are seeking access to patient information. These guidelines are intended to help ensure that data is made available in a secure manner from a privacy perspective and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Prepare all necessary attachments to your application

Examples of attachments which are enclosed with an application:

  • Concessions
  • Applications to Regional Committees on Medical and Health Research Ethics
  • Decisions by Regional Committees on Medical and HealthResearch Ethics
  • Research protocols
  • Project description

See the guidelines for more information.

3. Obtain the necessary access in Altinn.no

All Norwegian citizens have their own user access to Altinn. This is for example used when submitting tax returns. If you are a foreign citizen without a Norwegian national ID number or D number, send an e-mail to npr.felles@helsedir.no for guidance.

To apply for data, you should have the role "health, social and welfare services" in Altinn. The advantage of this is that all forms are saved with everyone who has this role. It is easier to interact concerning the completion of forms and retain historical information. You can see which roles you have on the page entitled "Access control". If you do not have the role you need, you can get someone who does have the role to delegate it to you.

When you send a form for signing, it will automatically be sent to someone with the role "limited signatory right".

For a transitional period, we have made it possible to fill in a form even if you do not have the role you need. You will remain as the sender in Altinn, but the organisation you work for will be registered as the sender in the Directorate of Health's archive. A form completed as a private individual will only be saved under the private individual's archive in Altinn.

4. Log in to Altinn

To complete a form in Altinn, you must log in using one of the log-in methods, e.g. MinID. Even if you want to complete a form on behalf of the organisation you work for, you must log in as yourself using your own national ID number. 
 Electronic application form (altinn.no)

5. Select who you represent. Either yourself or your employer

In Altinn, select who you represent. Use the drop-down menu to select the right option. Either yourself as a private individual or your employer as an organisation. If you are applying on behalf of yourself, your national ID number and private e-mail address will be sent to the Norwegian Patient Registry together with your application.

6. Fill in the order form correctly

The order form must be completed with all necessary information in order for the Norwegian Patient Registry to assess whether the application falls within the relevant purpose and the other conditions for disclosure are met. All necessary attachments must accompany the application. In connection with applications for the disclosure of information which can be traced to individuals, the national ID number must be notified to the Norwegian Patient Registry after the application has been processed and approved. The consignment must be sent by registered post.

You can be certain that we have received your application when you receive an acknowledgement by e-mail from Altinn. Retain the acknowledgement in case you have any questions concerning the processing of the application.

Case processing deadlines

The processing period commences on the day on which a complete application is received by the Norwegian Patient Registry and concludes when the decision is dispatched. If the application is incomplete, you will receive a letter with information on this.

  • Statistics - 30 days
  • Statistics collated with other registers - 60 days
  • Personally identifiable data - 60 days
  • De-identified data - 60 days

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